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With Brave Wings



Hand-Stamped in Sterling Silver and Hand-cut out feathers:

“ With Brave Wings She Flies ”

As long as I can remember…. I have always had a thing for feathers. And I think I am most certainly not alone. They fall from the sky as a reminder of loved ones for some. For others they are admired through the end of lenses as they smile in gratitude. They lift those birds up and away into the blue sky. Flying… something we all long for in our dreams.
This quote is so strong…. so filled w possibility…. so much translated in 5 concise words.
Courage, Fearlessness, to be Daring… it’s all possible and all living inside of each one of us.
This necklace serves as a lovely reminder.

Sterling silver and 22kt gold plated brass feather overlay

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1/2 ” x 2 “


18″ Sterling medium drawn chain

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