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Looking at the Same Moon



Hand-Stamped in Sterling Silver:
” No matter the distance that divides us… We are always looking at the same moon ”

This necklace was inspired by my own beloved mother as I have lived thousands of miles away from her for over 30 yrs. There were times when I lived in my car and tent on the road back in my late teens and early twenties when I was out exploring the world. It was a hard time for her as she worried about me like any parent would. She told me that what brought her comfort was walking outside at night and looking up at the moon. It gave her peace at the thought that she knew we were always looking at the same moon and she felt closer to me in those moments as a result.
So, I came up with this quote to honor that memory as we are still apart and thinking of one another when we see the moon. I suppose, we always will.
I also wanted to have a necklace in my collection that could be gifted to a friend, relative or lover who is living at a distance. The moon is cut-out by hand and the stars are individually created with single dash and dot stamps.

Sterling silver and 22kt gold plated bronze

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